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Whitecode Design Associates Ltd have vast experience in carrying out Code for Sustainable Homes assessments, from small scale developments consisting of seven bungalows to large scale high-rise developments consisting of 400+ apartments. We have carried out assessments located in Central London and outside of London.


Whitecode Design Associates have the following accreditations and have members of staff that are certified by the following bodies and associations.

Code for Sustainable Homes is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Building Research Establishment (BRE) is a leading centre of building science owned by charitable organisation the BRE Trust.

Whitecode will work closely with the design team to ensure that the assessment is completed as smoothly as possible from Design Stage to Post Construction. Being a multi-disciplinary company, we are able to provide other services that are required to gain credits for the Code for Sustainable Homes assessment.

As Whitecode Design Associates Ltd is a multi-disciplinary company we are able to provide multiple services that relate to the Code for Sustainable Homes assessment.
This includes SAP calculations and EPCs, daylighting calculations and designs for the mechanical and electrical services.

What that means to you is that you will only need to appoint one consultant for multiple services, allowing a smooth and efficient delivery of information throughout the project.

Whitecode Design Associates Ltd have completed Code for Sustainable Homes assessments for a variety of developments. Most of the developments consist of high-rise apartment blocks located in London; however, we have also carried out assessments for small and large scale housing developments located outside of London in Petts Wood, Sidcup and Stevenage.

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Whitecode Design Associates Ltd have extensive experience in Code for Sustainable Homes assessments. We have experience in small scale and large scale developments, from seven bungalows to high-rise apartment blocks in Central London. We always work closely with the Design Team throughout the assessment to ensure a smooth completion from Design Stage to Post Construction.

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How long does a Code for Sustainable Homes assessment usually take?
This depends on the type of development and how quickly the evidence required for each category of the assessment is provided by the Design Team. Assessments can be completed within a couple of months and others can take years. Once an assessment has been completed it will be submitted to the BRE for certification. This can take up to two weeks.
Will the assessor need to attend site?
Yes. Once the Post Construction assessment is underway it will be necessary for the assessor to attend a small number of properties, usually 10%, to take photographic evidence of what has been included in the assessment - including, but limited to, drying lines, energy display devices, white goods, bins, rainwater harvesting systems, renewable technologies and cycle storage.
How much does a Code for Sustainable Homes assessment cost?
Cost depends on the scale of the development. However, the BRE charge a certification fee of £37.50 per dwelling. For more details on cost, or for price enquiries, please contact us directly.
When should a Code for Sustainable Homes assessor be appointed?
Ideally the assessor should be appointed as early as possible so that the number of credits can be determined and changes can be made to the design if necessary. We would recommend that the assessor is appointed by RIBA Stage 2.

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