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Whitecode’s mechanical engineers provide simple yet well engineered solutions that deliver comfort that lasts. Our experience encompasses passive and energy-efficient solutions that contribute to sustainable building design, and appraisal and retrofit for better performing services in existing buildings.

Whitecode works with our clients to create buildings that meet their requirements as well as their aspirations, but yet want value for money and performance.  This we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to deliver. As such our mechanical engineers regularly collaborate with other team professionals either in-house or in the wider team to deliver a stress-free process.

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Whitcodes electrical consultants have an in depth knowledge of building operation and function, recognising the demand for energy efficient and sustainable developments.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers provide electrical design solutions tailored to individual needs, meeting current legislation and designing to good practice throughout all RIBA stages.

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With our years of experience and knowledge of the mechanical and electrical building industry, Whitecode Design Associates Ltd can provide clients with in clear, concise and cost-effective solutions to meet any site specific project requirements.

We can provide reports to satisfy latest planning authority requirements and are always keen to investigate new technologies for clients.

We are extremely efficient in what we do and will provide constant support throughout the life of the development, from planning to construction.

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Whitecode design associates have a designated team of experienced CAD and BIM technicians, who not only provide detailed drawings for all building services requirements, but also the drafting of architectural and structural plans and details.

The CAD/BIM team work closely with our qualified engineers to provide high quality drawings to national CAD standards with quick turnaround, often exceeding client expectations. We are currently working with both consultants and contractors, providing detailed design projects up to and including LOD 500.

We are highly skilled in producing 2D & 3D information for your projects from stage 2 concept design through to stage 5 construction information.

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Our stats team consists of a dedicated team of administrators and engineers who provide seamless delivery of statutory applications and negotiations. We provide an essential role for our clients in managing the vital transition from the design to the installation works on site. Our stats team can procure/arrange:

  • Existing utility records & Network capacity information
  • Flow and pressure test reports
  • Diversion quotations for existing supplies
  • Disconnection quotations & Meter disconnection
  • Temporary building supply (TBS) quotations
  • Budget quotations for new supplies
  • Competitive firm quotations from a wide cross-section of utility companies
  • Site level co-ordination & Resident engineers


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