Vertical Transport Analysis

Whitecode has the ability to carry out a Vertical Transport Analysis, in order to determine the total capacity and number of lifts required for your development to enable efficient movement throughout the building. Analysis of both residential and commercial applications can be provided.

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We provide a full written report, showing the criteria that has been used in making our assessment and will advise if any improvements are required, all in accordance with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Guide D.

As Vertical Transport Analysis for new-build developments can be carried out from information provided by the Design Team (i.e. from floor plans, sections and accommodation schedules), Whitecode can provide this service throughout the UK.

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By carrying out simulations using the Elevate software, The Whitecode Group are able to determine what lift capacity would be required for your development and will provide a written report of our findings.

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What pit depth do I need?
Pit depth varies on the capacity of the lift and how fast it is travelling. It can vary from 1.4m to 4m. Different lift manufacturers also have preferred depths.
What size lift is required for my building and how fast does it need to travel?
The size of the lift depends on the use of the building (i.e. residential or offices and headcount per floor). Different uses have different peaks of traffic flow.