What is value engineering?

Value engineering in M&E systems is the pursuit of the very best value from your Mechanical and Electrical system design, purchase and operation.

Whitecode’s highly skilled engineers are experts in the value engineering process, we can take an independent look at other consultants design or your operating system and offer suggestions by way of our detailed and comprehensive value engineering reports and value engineering process.

We can chair your value engineering meeting with other designer or specialist sub-contractors to find the very best solution to meet with your budget.

Value engineering to not to be confused with simply lowering the specification of your equipment, our reports consider capital expenditure against your running costs. Sometimes a piece of equipment might need to be raised at a specification level to save more than the capital cost uplift for the life of the plant.
A value engineering example for our customers is often achieved by adjusting the assumptions made by the designer to ensure the M&E systems are running at their optimum point for energy and life expectancy.

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