Summer Overheating & Thermal Comfort Analysis Reports

Whitecode Design Associates are experienced in assessing buildings against a variety of overheating methodologies, from BREEAM Hea 04 to TM59:2017. Our experience has been across a wide variety of projects, from small commercial units to large mixed-use developments. Our employees are accredited Integrated Environmental Solutions Virtual Environment (IES VE) software users who will always strive to provide the client with a working solution if it is determined there is a risk of overheating in a building. Contact us today to discuss our Summer Overheating & Thermal Comfort Analysis Reports.


Whitecode Design Associates Ltd use IES VE which is a 3D modelling and dynamic simulation programme.

Dynamic simulations allow multiple scenarios to be modelled to find the optimum solution in a short time period.

IES VE has a lot of input options allowing for the model to be very detailed and therefore, giving very accurate results.

The accurate results reduce the risk of remedial works having to be carried out as well as making sure the occupant is thermally comfortable in the summer months.

Using the detailed results, Whitecode Design Associates Ltd will always aim to suggest a viable specification which will reduce the risk of summer time overheating.

As Summer Overheating and Thermal Comfort Analysis Reports for new-build developments are completed from architectural plans, sections and elevations, Whitecode are able to carry out these works across the country.

We have mainly carried out assessments for large scale high-rise residential developments located within London, but have also carried out assessments for small scale developments consisting of offices, schools and commercial units and small apartment blocks and houses.


Whitecode Design Associates Ltd have accredited IES VE software users.

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