The sustainability team at Whitecode has a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of sustainable design from concept to completion. We have worked on many large residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, covering the whole range of sustainability services. We are able to draw on close collaboration with our MEP colleagues to ensure that your project not only meets the required sustainability targets but is also practical and deliverable.

Let our specialist dedicated team guide you through complying with regulatory standards and maximising energy performance to make your project a success.

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For new-build developments, as most of the information is available electronically from the design team, Whitecode are able to carry out sustainability assessments across the country.

For existing buildings, we will be able to carry out assessments for developments located within London and the surrounding areas.

The multidisciplinary nature of Whitecode means that we have a wide range of expertise relating to a variety of BREEAM categories. The experience we have gained has come from a diverse range of projects and our highly qualified team can help to make sure your BREEAM assessment runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP)
Whitecode can provide the BREEAM AP service to gain those crucial credits for your BREEAM assessment and provide support throughout the BREEAM process. This further level of support draws on Whitecode’s vast experience of BREEAM assessments across a wide range of development types.

Code For Sustainable Homes (CSH)
Whitecode have vast experience in carrying out Code for Sustainable Homes assessments, from small scale developments to large scale high-rise developments.

Daylight & Sunlight Analysis
Whitecode have carried out Daylight Analysis for multiple building uses, including schools, commercial buildings and residential units

Energy Strategies & Feasibility Studies
Whitecode have produced many Energy Strategies for a variety of developments and Clients. Most of our Energy Strategies have been used for successful planning applications.

SAP Assessments
Whitecode have carried out SAP Calculations and Energy Performance Certificates for a variety of developments and have a wealth of experience.

SBEM Assessments & Energy Performance Certificates
The experience of our employees gives them the ability to support you throughout the whole SBEM and EPC process. The support will provide you comfort as we will guide you through the process and will be able to answer any question that you may have.

Summer Overheating & Thermal Comfort Analysis Reports
Whitecode are experienced in assessing buildings against a variety of overheating methodologies, from BREEAM Hea 04 to TM59:2017.

Sustainability Assessments
Whitecode work closely with the Design Team to provide a detailed Sustainability Statement to assist with the planning application for a new development. The statement will cover the Planning Policies relating to sustainable design and construction.

Thermal bridging/psi value calculations
Using 3D modelling software, Whitecode are able to complete bespoke psi value calculations for thermal bridging calculations. These can then be used to improve the performance of SAP calculations as well as check for condensation risk on internal surfaces.

Home Quality Mark (HQM)
Home Quality Mark was created by the BRE as a replacement for the Code for Sustainable Homes. It provides a mechanism to assess residential dwellings and enables householders to determine running costs, health and wellbeing benefits and environmental footprint associated with living in the home. Whitecode have qualified HQM assessors who work closely with the design team from concept to completion to ensure the required rating is met.

Whole Life-cycle Carbon Assessment (WLC)
Whole Life-Cycle Carbon (WLC) emissions are the carbon emissions resulting from the materials, construction and the use of a building over its entire life, including its demolition and disposal. A WLC assessment provides a true picture of a building’s carbon impact on the environment.

The WLC assessment is carried out using a nationally recognised assessment methodology (One Click LCA) to demonstrate the actions that will be taken to reduce WLC emissions. The assessment will cover the development’s carbon emissions over its life-time, accounting for its operational carbon emissions (both regulated and unregulated), its embodied carbon emissions, any future potential carbon emissions ‘benefits’, post ‘end of life’, including benefits from reuse and recycling of building structure and materials.
We include basic IES model at pre-planning stage to assist with volumes and an early workshop to discuss the options, design team input will be required for material types and volumes. This report can also be used for the early engagement Mat01 credits required by BREEAM 2018.

Circular Economy Report
A Circular Economy is as one where materials are retained in use at their highest value for as long as possible and are then reused or recycled, leaving a minimum of residual waste. At Whitecode we produce a Circular Economy report for your development as defined in London Plan Policy SI7 ‘Reducing waste and supporting the Circular Economy’.

There are three core principles of circular economy, and our report addresses each of these
• Conserving resources, increasing resource efficiency and sourcing sustainably
• Designing to eliminate waste (and for ease of maintenance)
• Managing waste sustainably and at the highest value


BRE helps government, industry and business to meet the challenges of our built environment.

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