Site Based Services

Whitecode has a team of engineers, surveyors and managers that can be deployed onsite as part of long term residency. Over many years, our clients have turned to us for detailed Site Based Services, MEP design and, as standard practice, we always deliver installation level detail in our designs.

This level of knowledge and experience around installation practice leads our clients to request our support at site level.

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We have created a team of specialists who can assist at every stage of your project, either in a residential role or as a visiting expert, in order to give you an independent assessment or to provide additional assistance as/when your team requires it, or, of course, should the design be lacking in any areas.

Resident Engineer
Resident Engineers can be based on a full or part-time basis on site. They can provide additional support for your team, answering RFIs or design auditing the installation information from your contractor. They are also able to check installation quality and whether it is being installed as per the design and good industry practice.

Project Managers
Quite often, busy construction companies struggle to find good site agents for defect rectification work. These projects can be extremely time consuming, and can often involve hostile tenants who are disappointed and frustrated when such defects occur. Fear not as Whitecode can provide site manager(s) who are very experienced in dealing with this type of challenging work.

Commissioning Engineers
Understanding how to commission, and the parameters needed for good commissioning, is what our experienced Commissioning Team understand.

Intrusive M&E Surveys
Our surveys can be either non-intrusive where we look and report via our bespoke survey system, or for more complex problems you might need an intrusive survey.

Building Surveyors
If you have the need for a condition or defect survey, our team is here to help. Via our small works team, we can undertake either intrusive or non-intrusive surveys/inspections using Thermographic and/or Endoscopic means in order to locate any issues within your buildings, as well as providing suggested action plans in order to resolve.

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For all enquires please use the contact form on the right. if you have any questions or requests regarding our services. We will respond within 24 Hours or request a call back from our Business Development Manager. Please give as much detail as possible so we can tailor our services to your requirements.

Why choose us

As a company, Whitecode consider the detail in our designs. This gives us the best experience of how to make a successful installation on site, therefore our Site Engineers, Surveyors and Project Managers are the best in the market at delivering a smooth construction process.

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Does my resident engineer(s) have to be on site everyday?
No, our Resident Engineer(s) can be contracted for part-time attendance
Do your Project Managers have experience around directly communicating with residents/tenants?
Yes, we are highly skilled in mediation in order to get any remedial works completed with minimum disruption to both the residents/tenants as well as the overall construction programme.
Can your Commissioning Engineers provide detail that is missing from my consultant?
Yes, our engineers can calculate parameters needed for commissioning.