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The Whitecode Group provides consultancy from concept design through to construction, ensuring client satisfaction throughout, and fully understanding the importance of redundancy and the seamless transition to stand-by service. This includes both new build data centres and upgrading existing data centres.

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Data centres require continuous operation for the design life of the facility. Even the slightest problem with the cooling system or power supply can have a detrimental effect on the services operating within the data centre. Over half of the data centres located within the UK are currently non-compliant with American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) thermal guidelines.

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The Whitecode Group adopts a flexible approach to the design and construction of data centres, working with clients, consultants, contractors and manufacturers in ensuring all guidelines and criteria are strictly adhered to in an efficient and feasible manner.

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What is included in the design of a data centre?

The data centre will include the following:

  • IT System including cabling, cabinets and servers
  • Primary power supply
  • Secondary (Back-up) power supply
  • Cooling System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Security System
  • Disaster Recovery System.
What power supply will I require for the data centre?

We can determine your specific power requirements upon assessment of the data centre operational specification.

What is a UPS?

We can determine your specific power requirements upon assessment of the data centre operational specification.