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Whitecode Design Associates Ltd have produced many Energy Strategies for a variety of developments and Clients. Most of our Energy Strategies have been used for successful planning applications. We work closely with the Design Team to ensure that the best solution is applied to the development, which will be achievable through the design and construction stages and not providing unrealistic targets.


Whitecode Design Associates Ltd staff are members of multiple accreditation schemes, including the following:

CIBSE is the standard setter and authority on building services engineering. It publishes Guidance and Codes which are internationally recognised as authoritative, and sets the criteria for best practice in the profession.

Building Research Establishment (BRE) is a leading centre of building science owned by charitable organisation the BRE Trust.

The NHER Accreditation Scheme is approved by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for the accreditation of energy assessors producing the following reports in England and Wales and/or Northern Ireland.

A leading global innovator of integrated 3D Sustainability analysis technology. Supporting the creation and management of efficient, healthy and affordable built-environments.

Whitecode Design Associates Ltd have accredited Sustainability Consultants who are able to carry out sample SAP calculations for domestic applications and sample SBEM calculations for non-domestic applications using NHER Plan Assessor and IES VE software.

Using the sample calculations, different technologies and building fabric specifications can be investigated to determine the best specification for the development.

The predicted energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions can be calculated accurately so the design can be determined at an early stage in the development. This allows us to provide a proposed specification relevant to the development that provides the best savings to the environment and Client.

As Energy Strategies are generally carried out using architectural floor plans, and sections and elevations where available, Whitecode Design Associates Ltd can complete Energy Strategies across the country.

We have delivered Energy Strategies for small and large scale developments, consisting of offices, commercial/retail units and dwellings.

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Whitecode Design Associates Ltd will work closely with the Design Team to ensure that the requirements set out in the Planning Policies are met using a specification that is relevant and achievable for the development. We have extensive experience in producing Energy Strategies for different development types, ranging from offices, small scale and large scale mixed use developments.

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What will be included in the Energy Strategy?
The Energy Strategy will highlight the National, Regional and Local Planning Policy requirements and show, in detail, how they are met. The Energy Strategy will investigate a range of possible solutions, which indicative costs, to meet the policy requirements and will propose a recommended solution to be adopted.
How will the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions be calculated?
Using NHER Plan Assessor and IES VE software we will calculate the estimated energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for the development by carrying out sample SAP calculations for domestic applications and sample SBEM calculations for non-domestic applications.
Can the Energy Strategy be used for planning?
Yes. Most of the Energy Strategies that we produce are used for pre-planning and detailed planning applications.

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