With occupant health, wellbeing and comfort evermore critical on commercial developments, Whitecode was able to assure all three when it came to providing the MEP designs for developer Weston Homes’ stunning new HQ, Skyway House.

Located in Takeley, Essex and neighbouring London’s Stanstead Airport, Skyway House is a 49,000 sq ft, three-storey office building. Sitting adjacent to Weston Homes’ original HQ, Stanstead Centre, which still stands and was built in 2003, Skyway House is a £20m residence that signifies Weston Homes’ continuing growth and commitment to delivering its £3bn development portfolio of over 7,500 new homes.

Whitecode was appointed for this project as a result of its longstanding relationship with the client Weston Homes, not to mention Whitecode’s previous work with the developer which involved the company designing the MEP for the Stanstead Centre in 2000.

Whitecode created full MEP design throughout Skyway House’s premises which, when in occupation, will be the lifeblood of the building. The designs comprised a varied degree of electrical work including power lighting, primary and secondary supplies, and mechanical designs for the residence’s ventilation, water pipes and sprinkler pumps.  

Special requirements were highlighted by Weston Homes, with a strict brief to follow regarding the building’s lighting. To ensure the designs translated correctly onto site, Whitecode collaborated with contractor, Butler West, to make sure all lighting calculations met the client’s standard. Whitecode worked room by room with the contractor, paying attention in the office space as the client desired all lights to feature at a specific level. This would ensure Weston Homes’ staff members could work productively within this area.

Whitecode’s sustainability team conducted BREEAM assessments to assure the environmental performance of the building, with the lights in particular having to fulfil daylight dimming and standard luxe levels. Completed in the summer of 2020, Whitecode is delighted to have been involved on a landmark project for the prestigious Weston Homes, with its MEP designs no doubt playing a pivotal role in the productivity, health and wellbeing of its staff.