Fault Analysis

Whilst product failure is something every client wants to avoid, inferior or defective products or incorrect installation can always occur.

When a product fails, you need to ascertain the reasons for the failure whilst taking steps to resolve the issue, thus reducing company risk.

The Whitecode Group can provide a fault finding service, which includes a full report on findings clearly explaining what the fault is, how it can be rectified and how to prevent further problems occurring. We also provide expert witnessing as part of this service.


The experienced fault finding team within The Whitecode Group will locate and resolve any on-site issue that may be costing you money. Not only this, but they will give advice on how to prevent future problems which will save you both time and money in the future.

This service has been utilised over many developments in the UK, where faults have been identified, resolved and future-proofed at minimal cost to the client.

Scientific material analysis is also available, if required.

For large, high value projects, The Whitecode Group operates Nationwide.
For smaller, lower value projects, our target location would be London and the South East of England.

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