Companies across the world will happily refer to themselves as market-leaders and pioneers within their sector, but how many of them can actually put their money where their mouth is to pinpoint their tangible successes? Jamie Mitchell, Senior Engineer at Whitecode explains what sets Whitecode apart from other businesses, highlighting that the company is so good he had to come back for more.

Q: How long have you been at Whitecode?
A: I started in 2015 and then re-joined around a year ago after working for around two other consultancies. I’ve always kept in contact with the Whitecode team and to be honest I missed it. I went to a smaller company that worked primarily on commercial developments, but there weren’t any development routes unlike at Whitecode.

Q: How is Whitecode’s offering different to its competitors?
A: Our Managing Director, Alex, is a real pioneer. He likes to head to pastures new and gets involved on projects that have for instance the latest technology. Alex will really immerse himself into it and this attitude filters throughout the business. Having a leader who is so inquisitive and forward-thinking inspires other members of the company to act in a similar way.

One of the key areas which Whitecode excels in is detailed design. You only need to look at our track record, client relationships and projects to see our successes – they speak for themselves.
Consultancies in the industry are usually split into concept design and detailed design and I think ours is as good as it gets. The detail in our designs means the solutions are pretty much ready to install. That’s what we get right; we provide clients and contractors with the correct level of information at all times. Our craftmanship, if you’d like to call it that, is second to none.

Q: What made you return?
A: Whitecode’s knowledge. In terms of residential developments, I’ve not seen another company that does it as well as we do here. The team has so much background knowledge and expertise, and this permeates right through the business. Whitecode is proven to successfully design projects again and again.

Another point to make is that the company is always challenging itself to take on bigger and better projects. Secondary to that is the exposure that we give to all lower level employees. It’s not the sort of company where you’re doing the same thing for six months, you are continually challenged and stretched which is really important. At the end of the day this makes you a better engineer.

Q: How far have you progressed at Whitecode?
A: I began as a trainee in 2015 and progressed quickly to a licensure, which is a step between trainee and intermediate. I then moved away and came back to Whitecode as a senior level engineer. Whitecode really pushes people forward to reach their potential; here the sky’s the limit.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
A: Associate role is the next step up so that is what I’m working towards!

Q: What excites you about Whitecode’s future?
A: Since Alex has taken over, he wants to explore different sectors such as education to diversify our offering. We’re always happy to reach out of our comfort zone and this is one of the bases of the company’s ethos.